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We buy Loose Diamonds & Diamond studded jewelry of all shapes, colors, and sizes. When you bring jewelry containing diamonds over 1/4 carat to OM Cash for Gold we automatically make you an offer on your diamonds.
Your diamonds are valued separately from their precious metal settings and appear separately on your itemized settlement offer. Our gemologists will examine and value diamonds 0.25ct or larger (with the exception of large visible black inclusions).
If you would like to sell diamond jewelry or loose diamonds over 1.0 carat and/or certified diamonds such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified stones, please feel free to discuss for a free quote. If your diamond jewelry contains diamonds 2mm in size or larger (as well any other gemstones) and is prong set, we are happy to remove them and return them to you upon request.

What We Buy ?
Diamond rings
Diamond Bracelets
Diamond Jewellery
Diamond Chains
Diamond ornaments

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